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Fontaine Rd - Small gravel lot, no restrooms, have to cross East-West Connector to get to trail, mile marker 1.2 Van Wert - Gravel lot, convenience store, medium hill, mile marker 36 Grady Road - Steep hills west to Cedartown, mile marker 45.8 Rambo Road Trailhead, gravel lot, mile marker 22.2 Nathan Dean Sports Complex - Nice restrooms, playing fields, mile marker 38.7 Don Williams Trailhead at Hendrix Rd, mile marker 44.8 Concord Rd Trailhead - Near historic Concord Covered Bridge, nice restrooms, big hill, mile marker 2.6 Carter Rd Trailhead, mile marker 8.6 Wildhorse Creek Trail, Park at Carter Rd Trailhead, mile marker 8.6 Lucille Creek Trail, park at Florence Rd Trailhead, mile marker 11.4 Pumpkinvine Trestle, park at Rambo Rd Trailhead, mile marker 22.9 Mavell Rd Trailhead - Start of Silver Comet Trail, nice restrooms, mile marker 0 Richard D Sailors Trailhead - Public side-road access to fast food and Powder Springs, mile marker 9.5 Click Here for Cobb County information Hiram Trailhead - Near Hwy-278 and Hwy-92, nice restrooms, nice park, mile marker 14.7 Coot's Lake Trailhead - Gravel lot, convenience store, mile marker 33.5 Florence Rd Trailhead - Nice restrooms, mile marker 11.7 Silver Comet Connector - In front of shopping center, big hill to Silver Comet Trail Click Here for Polk County information Floyd Rd Trailhead - Restored Floyd Depot, bike shop, convenience store, good parking, nice restrooms, mile marker 4.2 Paulding Chamber of Commerce, medium hill, mile marker 19.4 Martin Trailhead - Gravel lot, west Cedartown, mile marker 53.4 Cedartown Depot Welcome Center, nice restrooms, steep hills east to Grady, mile marker 51.4 Tara Drummond Trailhead at Seaboard Rd - nice restrooms, park, mile marker 20.3 Click Here for Paulding County information Historic Downtown Rockmart - Nice Riverwalk Park, good parking, nice restrooms, mile marker 37.6 Esom Hill Trailhead - Near State Line Gateway Park, gravel lot, mile marker 61.2 State Line Gateway - Silver Comet Trail/Chief Ladiga Trail, park at Esom Hill, mile marker 61.5 Heritage Park Historic Brushy Mountain Tunnel, park at Coot's Lake Trailhead, mile marker 30.9 Historic Downtown Rokmart and Riverwalk Park, mile marker 37.6 Hotels near Cedartown, GA - Interactive Google Map Hotels near Rockmart, GA - Interactive Google Map Hotels near Dallas, GA - Iinteractive Google Map Hotels near Hiram, GA - Interactive Google Map Hotels near Powder Springs, GA - Interactive Google Map Hotels near Smyrna, GA - Interactive Google Map Hotels near Smyrna, GA and S Cobb Dr - Interactive Google Map