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Rambo Road Trailhead is at mile marker 22.2 on the Silver Comet Trail, has paved parking, a porta-toilet, picnic tables, no water, and is 0.7 miles east of the Pumpkinvine Trestle.

Built in 1901, the Pumpkinvine Trestle is over 750 feet long, and rises 126 feet over Pumpkinvine Creek. The trestle was restored in 1999, and opened for Silver Comet use in 2000. The Pumpkinvine Trestle is located less than a mile west of the Rambo Road Trailhead in Dallas, Georgia.

One of the most remote areas of the Silver Comet is west of the Pumpkinvine Trestle, and travels through parts of the Paulding Wildlife Management Area. The Paulding Forest is over 25,000 acres, and areas are open to the public. Because this area is isolated, please check our Good Ideas section before heading out.

Paulding Wildlife Management Area
Silver Comet over Pumpkinvine Trestle
photo by J. Barden
Dallas, Paulding County